Enjoying the Blog Business Summit in Seattle

I’m currently attending the Blog Business Summit at the Bell Harbor Conference Center at Pier 66 in Seattle. It’s a beautiful facility (and wifi works well!).

The first session led by Jason Calacanis was a great and very personal history about blogging. If I had to summarize his talk in a few words, it would be about the importance of authenticity. With a great list of speakers, (including Robert Scoble whose blogging about Jason’s announcement of a new podcast on PodTech) it should be a great couple of days!

As I learn stuff at the conference, I’ll try to put together updates of things that I’m learning!

(By the way, I randomly sat down next to Drew Meyers of Zillow,and I’ve already ran across Paul Chaney of Blogging Systems)

UPDATE: Just noticed that Drew has a personal blog where he has a great summary of Jason’s talk.

18 thoughts on “Enjoying the Blog Business Summit in Seattle

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  2. The world is a small place. Dustin and I have already realized this- in a room with 150 people, he just happened to randomly sit next to me. Don’t know why i’m writing this- maybe because I got a shout-out in his update (thanks!).

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