Ten Ways to a Killer Blog by the Scobles

The Scobles (Robert and Maryam) led a fun presentation which began as 10 ways to killer blog, but ended as a way to 15 fun (and potentially valuable) tips.

It was a fun talk and Maryam’s giddy attitude was infectious with the crowd playing along with fun questions.

  1. Blog because you want to.

22 thoughts on “Ten Ways to a Killer Blog by the Scobles

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  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it Fernando!

    That’s one hell of a URL you own. I think it is the longest one I’ve ever seen that doesn’t appear to be spam!


  3. Dustin,

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the Blog Business Summitt. It’s like being there with out having to actually being present. I’ve picked up some great tips. This blogging has been fun. I was really surprised to find very few Realtors up in my market place of Bellingham, WA actually blog about real estate. I think I’m upto about 7 or 8 posts on my site already. I’ts all your fault Justin…..lol

    Thanks again

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  5. Well, add me to the list of people who came to look from Robert’s blog.

    I’m trying to learn how to have a good blog that is read by someone other than myself 🙂 These are all great tips and from the way you describe the live presentation, I wish I could have been there, too.

    I also liked the cartoons he pointed to — those were a hoot!


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