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Greg just pointed us to the latest installment of the Inman Blogging series (requires a subscription after today)…

He also beat me to the punch on the best quote of the whole series so far by RCG’s own Rhonda Porter:

You expose yourself to more resources so you can blog more. It’s a sickness, I think . . .

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  1. I also highly recommend the Drake for commercial use – we replaced both toilets at the bar with Drakes since our water bills were astronomical. Result – water bills $1,000 lower – per month!! We kick ourselves for not doing it sooner, but we had a guy from the city utilities AND a plumber come out and tell us everything was fine. Apparently, not so much. Thank god for the internet – helped us find an honest plumber too!

  2. Homer: (gasps) “They’re years ahead of us in toilet technology! ”

    For a few bucks more, you can get a Toto DualMax, which uses only .9 gal for liquid waste. Have one – works great.

  3. Shane, that’s true – why would you drive to Canada to buy a high flow toilet unless you liked watching the water slowly spin around before going down?

    Bert, that sounds very cool, although I like the simplicity of a single choice with toilets. Does it have a “#1” button and a “#2” button so guests know what to push?

  4. Good advice, and I’ll add my $.02 regarding the pressure-assisted toilets (such as the one you removed) for those unfamiliar with them.

    Regardless of what the reviews say, they are LOUD–think jet engine flying over loud (or at least seems that way, in the echo chamber known as the bathroom). Having the lid (not just the seat) down helps quite a bit, but still much louder than ‘conventional’ toilets of any flow amount.

    So if you have a bathroom off of the bedroom, or one in the hallway which is surrounded by bedrooms, and somebody is using the toilet while others are sleeping, you may want to go with a simple gravity-flow style (where you can remove the tank lid and see the water level and not what appears to be a plastic submarine or miniature beer keg, as seen in the pressure-assist toilets).

    That’s my only gripe about these toilets–other than the noise, they flush great. Have not had the experience that you did–maybe the accumulator inside the tank on your old one filled up with rust flakes and stopped working.

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  6. Galen –

    > Does it have a “#1″ button and a “#2″ button so guests know what to push?

    It has a large chrome button on the top that is divided into two segments, a large one and a small one.
    I’ll have to check and see if there is any explicit instructions on the buttons (doubt it).

  7. I sell about three thousand toilets a year in the Seattle / Puget Sound area. The favorite choosen by by my customers is the Toto Drake and the Toto Ultramax. I sell a few of the pressure assist, but not nearly as many. Most homeowners like something that is easy to install, easy to get parts for and works with little fuss or noise. The Toto is tops when you add all of the “homeowner” factors.
    Kids love them.
    You will want to go with the slow closing seats too, they are just too cool.

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