May Day Seattle Neighborhood Round Up

It’s May Day today in Seattle and hopefully we are now finally into Spring and warmer weather.  To celebrate the return (not to mention the return of the Neighborhood Round Up after its unscheduled winter hibernation) are a few Seattle Neighborhood Blog postings on Spring….  

Happy May Day Seattle! 

Alki  marks the time for Tulips at Pike Place Market, and Ballard Avenue marks an earlier, colder Tulip!  

Over on Broadway Seattle the warmer weather is bringing fresh produce…another kind of “produce” is noted on Capitol Hill Seattle.   

Arbor Day festivities last weekend in Issaquah Undressed.  Market fresh produce is coming in May to SammaMishmash .  

Kirkland Weblog and the False Spring Day on April 12th, and Spring brings color, blooms and babies on Queen Anne: All About the Neighborhood.  

Spring brought more than flowers to Lake City Blog…Tweedy and Popp!  And lastly, a different “sign” of the Rites of Spring in West Seattle Blog

Thank goodness Spring is finally warming up!

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