Welcome NYT's readers!

I had a wonderful conversation with Stephanie Rosenbloom a few days ago and was thrilled to help her out with her story about using social networks (and Facebook in particular) for business purposes.

In the story, she mentioned my internet marketing seminars for real estate professionals as well as the associated Facebook group for 4RealzEd.

And while you’re here at Rain City Guide, consider checking out one of the many great articles about the Seattle real estate market that we’ve written over the 3+ years that this blog has existed. Some of the articles that stick out for me include:

We’re always looking to engage more people in discussing the Seattle real estate market, so feel free to get engaged if you see a topic that strikes you!

(And if you’ve been looking for a good use for the webcam that’s sitting next to (on?) your computer, consider playing with a new feature to RCG: video comments!)

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