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[photopress:half_dome.jpg,thumb,alignright]The problem with most real estate blogs is that after an initial flurry of activity, the bloggers quit making regular updates. However, there are two new seattle real estate blogs that have been providing some great information and hopefully, they will be around for the long haul.

Seattle Property News is written by an annomous individual who claims:

I’m not a real estate professional, just a Seattle resident who enjoys tracking the world around me, in a literal sense, by watching real estate trends and discovering the stories behind different properties around the region. I started this site for myself, as an open notebook of the information I find interesting.

However, I find the writing to be too full of technical details to believe that the person is involved in the real estate industry in some manner. Keep up the great work!

Seattle Real Estate Talk
has also been putting some interesting content together. As it stands, this site is currently producing content similar to Rain City Guide in that it covers general interest real estate news and local Seattle updates.

There is definitely room for some more good real estate information in Seattle, so good luck to both of these blogs!

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention, Dustin & Anna! We think you guys are doing a great job, too. You’re setting a great standard for us to live up to.

  2. I might be missing something but it looks like ‘Seattle Real Estate Talk’ hasn’t been posted to since May 22, 2006? There are a lot of useful links on the site though.

  3. Sorry.. I had clicked on a google link to get here and didn’t notice the original post was from the same time period.

    Congrats to for still being around in Oct. 07!

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