Actively Searching for Another Zillow to Announce in March




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And following John’s lead, here were the five most popular posts on Rain City Guide (in terms of total hits) in February:

The five most popular posts (in terms of comments) for February:

26 thoughts on “Actively Searching for Another Zillow to Announce in March

  1. The increase in traffic is due in part to the Zillow and Redfin launches, but you also deserve some credit: the range of issues addressed by Rain City Guide has expanded in turn. A good read got better.

  2. I notice that the stats spiked before Feb 7 and the top 5 posts were Feb 7, 8, 9 when Zillow came launched.

    Would be interesting to know the same stats on posts before Zillow launced on Feb 7. What was the big news before Zillow that increased the stats in January, for example.

  3. Ardell,

    The first chart shows that our traffic is pretty closely tied to Google searches… As Google sends more people our way, then our traffic goes up. So why has Google started sending so many people our way?

    It’s because of you!

    No kidding. The great writers on the site have been getting links from all over the web and Google views these as “votes of confidence” in our site and its content. The more “votes” we get, the more traffic they send.

    More specifically, you asked about the January spike. I think December was a little slow because not as many people were looking for real estate information. If December was a “typical” month, I think the difference between January and December would have been smaller and more indicative of gradual (but consistent) growth.

  4. Also interesting, but not really a fair comparison, both the Home Search Tools and the For Buyers pages got more hits than any of the blog posts with 1392 and 926 hits respectively.

    I say it’s not a fair comparison because both of those pages have been up on the site for a while and score really well in a few key google searches (plus they weren’t posted in February!).

  5. Great Blog because of outstanding contributors, interesting dialogue. Continued success.
    (in a whisper: RC is more interesting than curbed (mr steele, please dont shoot )

  6. I don’t understand where you go for certain categories. When you hit “for buyers” at the top, you don’t get the posts tagged with “buyer info”. If I only want to see posts about real estate and not about Zillow, what button would I hit on the front page?

    I thought there would be a button for each category so someone coming to can choose which posts to read. The only way I see that working now is if you hit Criag, for example, you can see all of Craig’s posts. But a newcomer to the site would want to choose a category rather than a person, wouldn’t they?

  7. Ardell,

    You bring up some interesting points… For a while I had a HUGE category list on the side of Rain City Guide (I’ve used categories extensively!), but I found that almost noone was using these to find interesting articles. However, recently I’ve been moving away from categories in favor of tags.

    There are really two types of users that I’d like to serve well. One is a regular RCG reader and one is a newbie. A regular is probably just interested in finding the latest articles they can get that via RSS feed or by coming directly to the homepage.

    The newbie is more likely to be interested a particular topic in which case I’ve added relevant tags to the bottom of every post (they are even in red!). My thought is that after they have read the current post, they can find information on more posts on a similar topic that might interest them. My experience is that a huge list of every tag really would be all that useful on the front page, but I may try to put some selected tags (like buyer information) in a prominent place in the future. I’m definitely open to suggestions!

    By the way, if you do want to see a huge subset of the most popular tags, check out the tag cloud I recently added to the archive page.

  8. Dustin,

    due to visitors’ frequent comments in the blog I wanted to subscribe to them, but couldn’t find the comments feed… where is it?

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