What a week!

[photopress:view_of_santa_monica.jpg,thumb,alignright]My family and I spent the past week scoping out appropriate neighborhoods in Ventura County! No matter where we choose to live in Southern California, it will definitely be a major change from our way of life in Seattle…

As I spent most of the week away from the internet (I did have a BlackBerry, but that doesn’t really count!), I’ve fallen way behind so I’m going to play a quick catch up here by mentioning a few of the things that have caught my eye this evening as I returned to the web:

  • Dan Green, ofThe Mortgage Reports Blog, let me know that Rain City Guide received at least one nomination for the Most Innovative Real Estate Blog. Very cool! Thank you Dan!
  • There has been some buzz around a new real estate blog featuring a large group of real estate professionals. I look forward to following the site…
  • I received emails from people at both Zillow and Move on how to better use their systems to find appropriate neighborhoods, so I’m going to have to revisit my post on the home buying process.
  • Ardell published a great article that has been very well received by other bloggers!
  • For the first time since the inception of RCG, I’ve not read EVERY single comment that has been posted on RCG! AHH!!! I’ve got some more reading to do! And on a very related note, my inbox is over-flowing with emails that are worth a quality response, so don’t be surprised if it is taking me a while to respond!

10 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Hopefully not a whole bunch. I spent some time this week hammering out the details of my job description and blogging on Rain City Guide is definitely part of the mix. At this point, I mostly blog about real estate technology as oppose to Seattle-specific issues, so as long as the rest of the crew is interested and continues to post on Seattle real estate issues, I see no reasons for any big changes on RCG. I really like the current set-up and I hope others will continue to post away!

  2. I consulted my crystal ball and Tarot Cards and it said “Live One Day at a Time and Time Will TELL!” Seriously, on my Mom’s Russian Gypsy/Mongolian side of the family, I apparently inherited the Tarot Card gene.

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