"Flip This House" is looking for YOU

I received an email today from the casting firm of A&E’s “Flip This House” requesting my assistance in locating persons who have flipped at least ten properties in a year. I know a few people who might be qualified and interested.

I haven’t seen the show. I expect that each week there may be a different host from a different area.


I doubt that it is a “Seattle Area” only request, so if anyone knows of anyone who has done at least 10 flips in 2005, or 10 a year for a few years, shoot me an email.

Thanks. Have no clue what “tag” to put on this one!

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22 thoughts on “"Flip This House" is looking for YOU

  1. This could be a great opportunity for someone who wants attention for their building or remodeling projects.

    I’ve been contacted by television producers for HGTV and the Fine Living Channel and have some other opportunities for TV filming and appearances here in Seattle this Spring, if anyone’s interested. TV Filming Opportunities

  2. I absolutely have an amazing woman and design group in the Venice and Mar Vista area. They do at least 10 a year and there properties are so edgy and amazing that they sell right away. Contact me if you wantmore info.

    Linda Scheft

  3. Hi there – My husband and I are professional flippers in the LA/Ventura county area – we do anywhere between 5 and 10 a year and we make enough to live on (very well) He’s a contractor, I’m a RE agent. I would live to get in touch with A&E and show people how and what we do – How do I? Thanks – Kim Cizek

  4. Hi there- if they are ever looking for a first time flipper in the Indianapolis area please let them know my name. I am in the process of doing research about flipping homes but I am having trouble convincing my wife that it is very profitable. I could use all the help possible.

  5. Jason,

    Run some numbers by us as you go. Length of time from purchase to complete and back on market is one of the biggest profit eaters. Having partners in the venture has had its disasters. Not having the money to do the improvements. Putting in improvements that are too expensive, or too cheap, depending on the house and location.

    You say it “is” very profitable…let’s change that to “can be”…or not.

  6. i am from chicago and have flipped over 700 properties in 18 years with my dad and everone says we should do a reality show because we argue about costs and plan of attack on every property i find the property and my father and a laboroer and my best friend fix them up last year we closed 56 deals all in chicago and cook county illinois. i would love to get in touch with a&e to tape a week with us it is crazy.

  7. Ron,

    It’s been awhile since I last spoke with the casting director. But send me an email and I will will forward the comment above to them for you. My email is up there next to my photo.

  8. I think you should hook the casting director up with my co-blogger Monica. She is looking for someone to host her television show. She is flipping an apt. building.

    Okay, back to writing history. I got the real estate articles moved over to the new site and now got like 6 history articles on the old site including a few private posts – lol.

  9. Derek,

    Will check that out.

    To Derek and all, back when the Casting Director asked that I help find people for the show, I sent him some names from CA. Their preference is areas with year round good weather, for filming purposes. Not a hard and fast rule…but a preference.

    The audience is the average Joe, Derek. So single family home flips is the order of the day…I would expect. I don’t watch the show, so I could be wrong there. But pretty sure he wants someone who has already done and sold many single family home flips. But I will send you the Casting Director info to send to Monica, if she wants to pursue that and I’ll take a peek at your new blog setup.

  10. In fact, since he contacted me almost a year ago when I wrote this article, I’ll check and see what the status is. They could have more than they need at this point.

  11. I just purchased a home to flip in chicago. I am 19 years old and this is my first flip however I am working with my father who has done many many flips. We start work in may. I think this would be a good episode especially given my age and student status: showing that anyone can get started.

  12. Ardell,
    I have only flipped i house, but have remodeled a few others that I am renting. My two daughter and one of there friends want to help with a flip that we found in Allen Park, MI. If you are interested in a family flip we are getting ready to close on the house.

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  14. i can not seem to find a search for missouri i am a hard working father of one and one on the way. I have just brought a house and have a basement that I don’t know what to do with. I am the first one in my family to buy a house and i’m only 25 years old so i’m very serious about finding out how to become part of your show. I’m pretty sure this will be a feel good stroy and in the process it will help a needed family . Like I said I’m 25 years old, blk and a father how is tring to do the right thing by his family. By me having this new edition to my family I could really usse your help to fix up my basement. not the whole house because the upstairs is ok but the basement is more than I can afford to deal with. PLEASE HELP ME I WILL BE FOR EVER IN YOUR DEBT……………

  15. Rodney,

    Flip this house is looking for people right now, but they are not the show you are thinking of. I don’t watch much reality TV. Maybe someone else knows the one you are thinking of, where the people leave and come home and the house is remodeled.

    Flip this house is a show about investors who flip many houses in a year. They buy them, remodel them and then sell them.

    I’ll try to find the show you are taling about.

  16. Hi Rodney,

    HGTV has many shows that help homeowners, although a lot of them just document with film, not pay for the work. They have a long list of shows of what they are looking for at: http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/be_on_hgtv/

    Even if none of the shows are a good match for what you would like help with, some shows might be good for learning from. The network DYI (do it yourself) is supposed to offer a lot help for learning how to do stuff, but I don’t get that channel. Here is the link:
    http://www.diynetwork.com/ .

    The show you might be thinking of is ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”, but I think they actually build an entire house, not fix up part of one. The place to apply is: http://abc.go.com/primetime/xtremehome/casting.html

    I hope that you are able to get the help you are looking for.

    I’ve been searching for hours to find a place where I can apply to be on Flip That House. If anyone knows anything…. that can somewhat benifit my findings; please let me know as soon as possible. If I cant sign my mom up for this show, there is a huge possiblity that my family might possibly be destroyed forever. Please help me.

  18. Ashley,

    I think you are talking about Extreme Makeover or a similar program. See the links in comment 19. Flip this house is about investors who buy and flip many homes in a year, not owners of occupied homes.

  19. my grandparents have raised almost 15 children and grandchildren, they are very loving, well respected people and they deserve to have their house flipped. they are my adoptive parents, and are in their late 60’s they have spent their retirement and life savings to try and help all of us kids get on the right track. they are the best parents anyone could ever ask for and most of us kids have taken that for granted at their expense, i have been to rehabilitation, and have recently begun my senior year of high school in Boys Town NE. we moved to rural nebraska in 2000 so that my grandparents could retire and have a farm that they had always wanted. they begun remodeling the 100 yr old house that my grandmother had played in when she was a little girl, and then had to stop when she got breast cancer, and not too long before that my grandpa suffered a heart attack, and a shoulder replacement. my grandparents had a long fight through their illnesses,they are very strong. they used what little money they had left after the doctor bills to go towards treatment programs for me and my brother. we are overcoming addiction. they had always dreamed of going on vaccation to Australia, and they couldnt go because they used the money they set aside for that for tuition to boystown for me and job corps for my brother. they have always put all of us kids first, and now i feel that it is time we did something for them. so i would very much appreciate it if you could give us the opportunity to show them how much we love them.

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