If anyone ever writes a real estate survival kit….

Here are some of the things I’d add:

  1. Needle nosed pliers to use after you’ve broken the key off in the lock
  2. Toilet paper when you simply gotta go gotta go right now
  3. GPS for directionally challenged (men)
  4. Candy bar (the days get soo long)
  5. Buyer vitamins (Aspirins)
  6. A working pen
  7. 50 acceleration clause forms
  8. List of 25 baby sitters available with 15 minute notice.
  9. Hide-a-key for your car
  10. List of 5 friendly agents who can open the house when you lock your key access insde
  11. If you take a digital camera, make sure your husband puts the card back in it
  12. 3 prepared speeches for when the alarm goes off

4 thoughts on “If anyone ever writes a real estate survival kit….

  1. … Lots of bottled water (we don’t eat until we buy something); tissue for when your buyer steps in doggie doodie in the backyard and wants to revisit the kitchen; tape measure to make sure the buyer’s TV on steroids will fit in the 2’X4′ media niche; busy work for when your buyer is meeting you at the property and shows up 40 minutes late; flashlight to allow showing the last home of the day after the sun has set, which is of course vacant and for which all utilities have been disconnected; fun, jingly keys on a fun jingly key chain to assist in amusing the little ones while Mom and Dad spend an hour evaluating a home that they have no intention of buying; Milk Bones to distract the very large, very scary dogs so that your clients can inspect the lot; bandages to clot bleeding from said large, scary dogs; and finally… a large, high-quality bottle of chilled Chardonnay waiting at home!

  2. Good list, Eileen. Looks like we live in the same world. Add to the fun – just half an hour before you are supposed to meet, the client changes his mind about what homes he wants to see. And then while on the carefully scheduled tour with appointments back to back for two hours – looks out the window at a sign and says – Oh, can we see that one? Ah, we all have our favorite whines 🙂

  3. I love a buyer who knows when to “cut to the chase” and stop a tour that’s going nowhere fast. In fact I stop after each three, if I can tell something isn’t “right” about the homes on the tour. Usually it’s price and we go and get coffee or a snack and talk about it. While they are eating I quickly call all of the appointments that I had scheduled and cancel them, and make appointments for a whole new group that works better for the client.

    Many people start out wanting to spend $350,000, but when they see what $350,000 will get them, they up it to not more than $400,000.

    If you know that after one or two houses, why waste the buyer’s time completing “the tour you “carefully scheduled”? Time to switch gears cause it ain’t about you.  NO WHINERS 🙂

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