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[photopress:top_10_women_bloggers.jpg,thumb,alignright]Rudolph over at the Sellsius blog put together of his choice for the top woman real estate bloggers. It is a great list and all of the featured bloggers are worth reading. No surprise that Seattle had both both Ardell and Marlow featured on the list! They are two of the finest bloggers, male or female, Seattle or otherwise.

Other bloggers featured were:

Some others I would have put on my short list of contenders are:

16 thoughts on “Top Women Real Estate Bloggers

  1. dustin,

    thanks for helping us spread the word about these wonderful broker/agent bloggers!

    after reading their entertaining and informative blogs on a daily basis, we just wanted to say thank you.


    ps – thanks for pointing out the other ladies blogs – they’re great! – jessica does a fabulous job at inman news but she’s not a broker or an agent – she’s an editor 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Writing about real estate has helped me articulate many things I’d thought about before, but, without a medium, these ideas existed in a void. I’m enjoying sharing these thoughts and communicating with others about the future of real estate. It’s an exciting time!

  3. Dustin,

    I am honored! It is no secret that RCG was our model. You have been my gold standard for how to create an effective, interesting read. What started as a “group therapy” project has really grown into something more meaningful, I think. Aside from the model for thought-provoking dialogue that you have given us, the greatest piece of advice that I have taken away from your past posts is to keep it non-commericial. We are still in our infancy, but owe you a ton a gratitude. Of course, Ardell is still my blogging hero. 🙂

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