Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate?

We made the list… and if you’re a real estate blogger, then you did to! (PDF) 🙂

Inman’s annual list is a fun read filled with a who’s who in the real estate industry…

(via John Cook)

34 thoughts on “Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate?

  1. Sure is a lot of NW influence on that list! Very technology forward company leaders: Glenn Kelman of Redfin, Lennox Scott of John L. Scott, Richard Barton & Lloyd Frink of Zillow, Ian Morris of HouseValues, and the newest ones Matt Heaton & Jonathan Washburn of ActiveRain. Very cool!

  2. Deb: With the exceptions of those folks down in Florida, there is not very many bloggers in the Southeast. A few here and there but nothing compared to the northwest that’s for sure. We’re still in the Myspace world down here…

    Try coming to NC and interviewing for a job as an agent in the east. Mention you are a blogger and the first words out of the broker’s mouth is “See You later!”

    Bloggers are a big threat to established brokerages here. I see it as a big plus for brokerages but the owners and stuff, I guess they are scared us bloggers are a huge liabilty instead.

  3. I am glad that they mentioned Lockhart Steele (of, but I notice the absence of such people as Ben Jones (of or Patrick (of, or any other of the hugely successfull “bubble” blogs. These guys have had an enourmous influence on the industry, and public. In fact, many bubble blogs have an order of magnitude more traffic, and audience, than many of the industry oriented offerings cited in the list.

    Or what about Robert Schiller? He has had a massive influence in the past year, with interviews almost weekly in major publications. His futures index has been a success, and his books are widely quoted.

    Heck, I would even nominate our very own “The Tim” as the most influential Puget Sound area real-estate personality of the year.

  4. Hi Sniglet,

    I believe Professor Schiller made the list.

    Yes, the list was missing some of the influential bloggers. The list seemed to be mostly CEOs, heads of influential companies, or people who (surprise!) write for Inman such as Bob Bruss, or who speak at the Inman conventions, or who Inman would like to have speak at their conventions.

    How about Joel from FOREM or Pat Kitano from TransparentRE? Or Greg from Bloodhound? Instead, “all real estate bloggers” get the award. That’s like your mother telling you she “loves all of you kids the same.” We want to know Inman’s favorite (influential) bloggers.

    I like that the guy was mentioned. I visit that site multiple times each day. What about calculatedrisk? That blog has two exceptionally fine writers. Brad, would you please add a blogger category next year?

  5. Jillayne,

    Hmmm… I did a text search for Schiller and didn’t find him in the .pdf. But I’ll take your word that he’s there. Maybe it would help if I actually read the whole document rather than skimmed it. 🙂

  6. Jillayne,

    Are you saying that Inman wouldn’t want to have Ben Jones or Tim Ellis speak at their conventions? I am sure the audience wouldn’t fall asleep.

  7. Hi Sniglet,

    Inman needs BIG NAMES to attract big crowds for their keynotes. Maybe at future Connect conferences, we’ll see a panel of bubble bloggers.

    But, you know, now that I type this, I realize that I attended an Inman Connect conference years ago and Larry Page was the keynote. Many of the people sitting around me had no idea of the significance of our keynote speaker.

    Prof. Shiller is on pg 25 of the report, (26 of the pdf.)

    He would make a great speaker for the next Connect.

  8. Inman lumped “bloggers” together as a class of influence. Jillayne, this year the Keynote was Hugh McLeod, internationally famous cartoonist, and several people walked out when one of his cartoons on the screen had a penis.

    If they walk out on a cartoon, I doubt they’d sit through a bubble blogger 🙂

    P.S. a sample of his cartoons to further describe him.  This one reminded me of a balance we should always keep in mind.


  9. Jillayne,

    You are clearly my “keynote speaker” for 2007. Dustin was my “keynote speaker” for 2006. Each of us has a “Person of the Year” each year that dramatically impacts our way of thinking and doing business. I’m predicting Jonathan Washburn to be my 2008 Keynote Speaker 🙂

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