There’s a first time for everything

[photopress:a.jpg,thumb,alignright] I never thought I’d say “This One Won’t Last!” on one of my listings. Somehow I managed to get by for 16 years without saying that. We all laugh at the agent who forgets to remove “This One Won’t Last” from their public remarks after the property has been on market for over 60 days.

For some reason as I “backed out” of the property yesterday, after finishing up my “light staging” efforts in my favorite bayberry color scheme, I knew. As I put the wreath on the front door and decorated the window boxes on the balcony, I knew. As we vacuumed our way out of the property and looked at our many hours of effort getting it “just so”, and placed the “20 flyers to offer” on the counter in the kitchen, I knew.

So when I input the listing at 20 minutes to midnight last night I found myself saying what I never thought I would say, “This one won’t last!” I even put in the listing that I never thought I’d ever say that along with a little smiley face.

When I received a call that the very first person who saw it is writing an offer, I breathed a huge sigh of relief, confident that I wouldn’t be choking on my words by end of day. There’s a first time for everything…sometimes you just KNOW. Cross your fingers. I’ve managed to make it this far in life without having to eat my words. But like they say, there’s a first time for everything.

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