Announcing the next great real estate blogger…

As many of you probably already know, I’ve been searching for a secret weapon that will help me win the Project Blogger competition…

[photopress:slide0001_image002.jpg,full,alignright]About a week ago, after many very interesting conversations (and many wonderful options!!!), I finally settled on my apprenticeliterally.

Interestingly, I was inspired to “Go Hollywood” with my choice after Ardell picked a Floridian based on his looks. I asked some people around Move if they knew of any Hollywood stars who might be interested and thanks to a direct connection with Trump (he’s been known to purchase the Featured Home product on!), I was able to connect up with Kendra Todd. 🙂

But beyond any celebrity, the main reason I picked Kendra is that she thinks big! Trump big! The tipping factor was that in our conversations, she convinced me that she really understood how important blogging would be if she was going to dominate her local market (the State of Florida). And yet, at the same time, she didn’t want to limit herself to Florida issues. (Florida real estate isn’t that interesting…)

I think it is safe to say that over the next few months you can expect great things from Kendra’s real estate blog!

27 thoughts on “Announcing the next great real estate blogger…

  1. I swear I had no idea what Kevin looked like when I picked him as my Apprentice. That said, the thought of Kevin and Kendra on stage at Inman Connect at the end of the competition is pretty awesome. Will they be talking about blogging? Or handing out autographs?

  2. Wow! Congrats on this coup, well done. Kendra will be a welcome addition to the competition. As a free service to all the apprentices, I’m happy to run them through my pravometer so they can sense where they might fit in the blog hierarchy.

  3. Oh come on! I met Kendra at a function in South Beach. Ardell, I can ramp it up with ‘much’ more SoBe ‘star power’! You just give me the word. You know what the ‘Donald’ says: ‘Sex sells, sex sells, sex sells!’

    We should have daily photo shoots while we are blogging!

    Kick it up a notch!


  4. Oh–to the contrary! Florida real estate is fascinating! I am happy to say that I know NOTHING of the sub-prime mortgage mess.

    Do you know that Miami Beach is the second most densely populated city in the country?

    Jeez, Kendra & I are both from FL; that really is a snooze!

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  6. Speaking of Ardell picking her weapon based on looks, I have been thinking the same thing recently; that this isn’t a blogging project but rather a freaking beauty contest.

    Then again, I have only seen about 5 of the participants so maybe there is an ugly duckling in there somewhere.

  7. There’s at least one bald guy, a guy with a crew cut and at least one with glasses 🙂 I’m sure the coaches weren’t picked for their looks.

  8. LOL @ Kevin Re: Weapon comment.

    Ardell you best better give it up if Kevin is playing by the rules as my motto in life is “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.” I am sure with all that hair Kevin has up there you two can sneak some goo on some other project blogger’s keyboard and cause them to have slippery fingers and make a bunch of typos. 🙂

    Bald guy – you mean that former NCAA umpire who wrote for the bloodhound is a coach too? He might be a bloodhound but I am not sure if he can sniff out some well placed goo! Let me know if you need help figuring this one out. There is one place the umpires (former or not) will never look!

  9. Derek,

    I definitely could use your help (is that against the rules) You have more coaching experience than I do. You see what I’m working with…should I tone him down or let him fly over the top?

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