Reliving 1999 in 2008

If you live in select Seattle area zip codes, you can relive just a little bit of 1999 with Amazon Fresh. They have reasonable prices and early morning delivery. Complimentary sock puppet not included.

4 thoughts on “Reliving 1999 in 2008

  1. Not just Seattle. We have it in Kirkland too. And I get my milk delivered by Smith Farms every Friday into a fridge box by my front door.

    Not sure what that has to do with 1999 though?

  2. Does the delivered milk come in reusable glass bottles?

    There was a slough of delivery services in 1999 – HomeGrocer, etc – that went belly up when the boom busted.

  3. Amazon Fresh rocks! Great produce both veggies, meat and fish – although somewhat limited selection. The pre-dawn deliveries are great too.

    Now if they could just keep Halibut in stock I would be a happy camper!

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