Belltown to get community center

[photopress:walking_along_the_waterfront.JPG,thumb,alignright]While it won’t make Belltown the most family-friendly area of Seattle, it is nice to know that this area is getting a new community center.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the article was that the couple that run the UptownSeattle blog are leaving a little too soon… I can tell that they really like the area and it would have been a great sign for the neighborhood if they would have felt better about raising a kid in Belltown.

2 thoughts on “Belltown to get community center

  1. We so wanted to love living downtown and raising kids but it wasn’t in the cards. Parks and community centers will help — but homes with more than 1 bedroom under $1M are probably more important. We’re not certain downtown is the right place to concentrate efforts to attract families to live in Seattle vs. Bellevue or Kirkland, etc.. The market, as evidenced by projects like Cristalla, seems to indicate a continued desire for expensive, high-end condos in Belltown and surrounding areas — makes sense, really. But things like the community center do give us pause that, maybe, we were just a little too early. Oh well, up the hill with us!

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