Lots More than Just the Sexiest Real Estate Agents

It’s been a while since I had a real “ramble” post, but considering the occasion, hopefully people will forgive me for trying to cover a lot of ground in one post.

Happy Birthday to Rain City Guide!!!
It’s been one year since I wrote my first post (Hello World, of course) on Rain City Guide. I probably would have taken down the first post since it was just a test except we got a comment right off the bat and I’ve never been very good at deleting comments…

I have no (clear) idea where RCG will go over the next year, but considering the real estate industry is clearly in a pivotal position and I’m extremely excited to have front row seats.

New Broker For Anna
LTD Real EstateWe’re excited to announce that, as of today, Anna has officially switched her broker to LTD Real Estate. This major change for Anna began when I struck up a conversation with a broker at LTD, Jon Ribary, after noticing that we were both developing tools to map Seattle listings this past summer (who wasn’t???). Just like my gHomes tool, his search tool hasn’t kept up with some of the amazing tools that have been released recently (including ours!). However, our similar interests led to many conversations and ultimately a much stronger bond between Rain City Guide and LTD. Anna and I look forward to working closer with Jon and his staff in the days, weeks, months and years to come. If you’re wondering, don’t expect much to change here at Rain City Guide based on Anna’s move to LTD (besides the logo on our sidepanel!). Anna’s move is really related to the fact that she was searching out a broker who understands that the real power of marketing on the internet is when you use the tools to communicate with potential clients as oppose to talking at them. About the only thing you can expect to change is that Jon and I have some ideas for side-projects that will allow RCG to continue innovating so that we can achieve our mission of being the best resource for real estate information in Seattle.

Ride Home from the MIT Forum
The MIT forum is tonight and it is sold out in a major way. I definitely plan to attend, but I have a minor issue in that we’re a one-car family and Anna has something else that she must attend. Getting between my work in Downtown Seattle and Downtown Bellevue tomorrow afternoon without a car will be easy. The part of the trip that I’m not sure I can handle is the trip to my home in Crown Hill this evening. Is there someone attending who wouldn’t mind giving me a lift home after the forum is over? Found a ride home! Feel free to email me directly.

Sexiest Real Estate Agents
I was checking my log files earlier today when I noticed that someone came to Rain City Guide based on the Google Search: [sexiest+real+estate+agents]. I was deeply saddened to find out that we are ranked a dismal #2 on this all-important search. So, if you are a blogger interested in helping us celebrate our birthday in a zany way, consider linking to this post with the phrase “sexiest real estate agents”. I’ll bet it won’t even take a full week for us to be rated #1! Okay, it is obviously getting late, so I’m going to go to bed and try to sleep off the celebratory Champaign that Anna and I cracked open tonight!

19 thoughts on “Lots More than Just the Sexiest Real Estate Agents

  1. Happy 1st birthday RCG! It is nice to see you walking. Wish your next year is as productive and exciting as the first one.

  2. Ardell,

    I could be wrong about Anna’s official broker. My understanding is that both Eileen and Jon are brokers at LTD and I don’t know which one Anna is operating under.

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  6. Hi Mike,

    The sexiest male and female agents are located right here in the greater Seattle area.

    I define sexy as intelligent, successful, healthy, open to learning, creative, and so forth.

    You may define “sexy” differently.

    Either way, we’re talking about human attraction and connectedness, both of which play a part, perhaps unconsciously, in how we choose to spend time with people, even professionals.

    Thanks for stopping by raincityguide.

  7. I define sexy pretty much the same way, it’s not just the look or about who wears less clothes in a picture. I still believe that the sexiest real estate agents (women of course) are in Costa Rica.

    Nice blog and community you guys have here. 🙂

  8. To Jillayne
    Hey, I’m the sexiest estate agent in the universe!
    …I mean…my brain is…(I hope…lol)
    The definition “beautiful inside” should be referred to houses as to estate agents, don’t you think?
    If sexy is beautiful, then attraction is also beautiful, which leads to think: an attractive deal is sexy.
    What about size? A big house is sexier than a small one? A taller estate agent has more fascination than a Joe Pesci clone?
    Uhm…in this job there are so many numbers, parameters, square and cubic meters, papers and images, currencies and deposits…I feel like Harry Potter sometimes!
    My question is: is Harry Potter sexy to you, Jillayne?

    Gianpiero 🙂

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