Rolling with Grow-a-Brain

I’ve been a little slow to recover from a wonderful weekend!

We had a little gathering for my son’s 1st birthday and I got the treat of meeting one of my favorite bloggers in the world.

Hanan (the magical man behind Grow-a-brain) showed up with his lovely girlfriend. I really had a blast catching up with Hanan and he helped make it a memorable party!


Going way back… I can remember the first time he linked to RCG and it made me feel like I was on top of the world! He really is a great guy!

14 thoughts on “Rolling with Grow-a-Brain

  1. The Grow a Brain Blog is an amazing site with so much character and charm. I get lost on it for hours at a time. Lucky for you Dustin you get to meet the Man behind the creation. What a treat for you!

  2. Waiting on the edge of our seats for “the idea”. Something tells me putting Dustin and Hanan’s brains together for a few hours cooked up something juicy!

    And Happy Birthday to Peter! We want the video where is walking around.

  3. We got the video… Now I just need to upload it! Peter has spent the last month or so really mastering the act of walking and he is pretty darn good now! It’s really awesome to watch! 🙂

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