And now for something completely different…Seattle Neighborhood Round-up

Headlines come and go…life goes on in our Seattle Neighborhoods….

A refreshing Alki twist on an old time summer favorite. On Beach Drive Blog some resident wildlife captured in aerialist feats of fishing. Discovered at West Seattle Blog rare sightings of pink birds are anticipated to be seen in West Seattle yards soon.

Happy 500th Ballard Avenue blog! At Large in Ballard tips us on the BBQ at the BCC.

Up on Capitol Hill at CHS the moon shone a little less brightly last Tuesday and has photos to prove it.

Issaquah Undressed spots a horse of a different color and composition…scrap iron. The City of Redmond Neighborhood BLOG reports on some stormwater solutions happening in Redmond.

Over at Kirkland Weblog a dancing hot dog delights drivers…and captures children’s’ attention at the corner of 124th and 116th. Week 35 at Kirkland 52 drops the hint of fall.

4 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…Seattle Neighborhood Round-up

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was hoping you could help me, I am starting a home staging business in Finland and I was wondering as agents what you are looking for in a home stager, ie:
    -Pricing structure (what do you think is a good deal?)
    -What would a stager need to offer you, to encourage your service recommendation?
    -Do you use stagers very often?

    And any other tips, if you have them would be great..thanks so much, I really appreciate the advice of experts, such as yourselves.


  2. Hi Indra,

    I have only recently worked with a stager, and before working with that particular stager I had met with several over the course of a few months. One thing I would have really appreciated was good before and after photos to show my seller clients. I have to say that only one of the stagers I met with had any marketing demonstrating their work, so it was challenging to show their value to my clients.

    I was surprised that given the marketing nature of their business that they actually had very little marketing that I could show to my clients and promote their services. I told all of the stagers that they might want to set up a blog to send prospective clients to, so that the clients could see recent before and after photos, and insight as to why that particular room needed it, or benefited from being staged.

    A blog is very easy (and inexpensive) compared to a website or printed marketing materials, to keep fresh with recent work. As far as I know none of them have set up a blog, although the one my client did choose (because we saw it in person) does most of his work by refferal

    The stager my client selected was one whose work we saw installed in a house that we were pre-viewing to see the comparables on the market. My client prefered his work over what little my client saw of the others.

    For the pricing I saw, it was better if after the first month, the pricing for the following months (if any is needed) was considerably less.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with your new business!

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