September 11, Neighborhood Round-up begins with a West Seattle Tribute to Freedom….

…Alki unveils its Lady Liberty so reveals West Seattle Blog


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Miller Park Neighborhood  wins for BEST headline…”Storm in a D-Cup”!

Big homes & big dreams in Sammamish


The Seattle Street of Dreams is back and promises to continue it’s tradition as “the most popular single site luxury home tour in the country”. Essentially, it’s a month long open house of multiple multi-million dollar homes. This year it is being held from July 15 through August 20 and features 6 homes that are in the $5 million range in Sammamish (east of Redmond, north of Issaquah). If you’re a CEO or a professional athlete, it might be your next home. You can drive over to Eastlake High School in Sammamish, WA and a shuttle bus will take you to the show. Although, the price of admission is a little steep (see below), it’s probably the next best thing to being invited to Bill Gates or Aaron Spelling’s house.

Adults (16 & Over) $17.50
Senior Citizens (65+) $14.50
Military (With ID) $14.50
Children (3-15) $14.50
Children 2 & Under FREE
Event Parking FREE

Anyway, seeing multi-million dollar homes up close and personal is a fun way to kill a couple of hours (and is probably useful research excercise if you’re in the industry). You should attend, if for no other reason, than to see what the future of real estate might be. As in technology, the expensive luxury of today can trickle down to become the must have feature of tomorrow. After all, those granite countertops had to start from someplace? As for what comes after granite, my bet is on HDTV friendly surroundings (a 50″ plasma won’t fit onto a 32″ shelf) and fiber optics. But I’ll to attend the show to see what the leading edge builders, designers & manufacturers think.