Once in a Lifetime Event

For those who enjoy “being there” and awake for such things, if you can hold out and stay awake past 1 a.m. tonight you will experience a Once in a Lifetime Event: 01:02:03 04/05/06

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5 thoughts on “Once in a Lifetime Event

  1. Wiki good! Wiki addicting!

    I added a cool (IMHO) search engine from the UK (Extate) and got this error message when editing the page. Thought you might want to know.


    lib/editpage.php:385: Notice: Use of undefined constant ENABLE_SPAMBLOCKLIST – assumed ‘ENABLE_SPAMBLOCKLIST’

    It “took” just fine however

  2. Thanks Jay…

    I definitely noticed that I get that error sometimes as well… It appears that I messed up somewhere on the installation of the spam blocking software, but I’m not sure where… Because I haven’t gotten any spam on the site and the changes seem to “take” just fine, I haven’t bothered looking into this, but it is definitely an issue I wished were fixed. 🙂

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