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[photopress:nardi_gras_eventlogo.gif,full,alignright]The folks over at the Center for REALTOR Technology have made it a bit too tempting, so I’ve decided I’m going to blog the NARdi Gras!

Please join me over on the new blog platform on as I take over the site with a Mardi Gras theme for the next week. πŸ™‚

By the way, if you are attending the convention and plan to blog, let me know! I plan to keep an extensive list of bloggers covering the event!

Also, I’d love to keep track of all the real estate technology products that are going to be announced at the event, so if you’re releasing something, let me know. I already mentioned my first product announcement yesterday (when I said that Top Producer recently unleashed a blogging tool available to any of their clients for FREE!!!), and I’m sure there will be many more to come over the next few days!

18 thoughts on “NARdi Gras Blogging

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  2. It’s been fun. If anyone reading this is at the convention, feel free to use the “Tips, Comments, Requests…” link above to let me know you’re around. (That or stop by the blogger’s lounge where I have been hanging out with Keith and Chris of Realtor’s CRT)

  3. Dustin,

    Has anyone come up with some ideas on what the concept of blogs should be renamed to? After reading your post over at called – , I thought about it for a little while. When you break down the idea of what a blog is, the main words or concept that kept coming to me were Dynamic Information Source, Dyanmic Community Data Transfer, Dynamic Data Search, and so on. But then when I tried to break them down to one single action word…things fell apart. smiling.

    But I do agree that If Blogs and Blogging had a different name attached to it…maybe the public would have a different perception. Coming from a MIS Background though…I truly think the word Dynamic needs to be in the definition or part of the word. Maybe someone will come up with something catchy…who knows.

  4. Jerry,

    No new name yet… but it did spark a bunch of comments around the NAR convention… People came up with some pretty wild ideas, but nothing that has stuck yet! πŸ™‚

  5. Hilary,

    Thanks for the note! The amount of stuff that NAR has been publishing during the convention (like the daily newspaper!) has been nothing short of amazing!

  6. It was too bad Mary (REBlogGirl!)…

    I heard from multiple people that you were floating around and we probably even passed each other without knowing! Some time soon!


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