How To Better Use the Internet to Find a Home

1) Make a “value grid” of the area you are interested in.

2) Overlay an Elementary School ranking grid (whether or not

Did you feed your Rhododendron?

The Rhododendron is The Washington State Flower. To a large degree that means we Preserve and Protect it as a State Symb

Seattle Real Estate Signs – Pending is spelled SOLD

The purpose of this post is twofold:

1) To the Homebuying Public: When a Property is truly SOLD the sign is gone!


Barney’s Letter to Ben on Loan Originator Compensation

It appears that Barney Frank penned a letter to Ben Bernanke a week before the Fed rule on Loan Originator Compensation

Curbed and Eater come to Seattle

Today I excitedly Welcome Curbed and Eater to Seattle. and are well known for their fast and fu

Home Prices Recover in Kirkland 98033

Many around the Country are asking what a Home Price “Recovery” will look like and what will create it. If you have been

FHA Annual Mortgage Insurance Increasing Next Week

FHA’s annual mortgage insurance premium is increasing effective on case numbers issued Monday, April 18, 2011 and later.

Don’t Let the Fed’s Rule on LO Compensation Lull You Into Believing Rates are the Same

Last week the Fed’s rule on mortgage originator compensation went effect divorcing a mortgage originators compensation f

Real Estate Investing: It Can Be Lucrative, But So Are Ponzi Schemes

Another day spent closely reading the real estate section, another gem… Sunday’s local Times included this piece from

Springtime in Seattle — Its Beautiful! Its Magical! :-)

I’ve recently become enamored with Realty Times, a rank booster site for the real estate market. I love it because, eve