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Teaching Realtor Clock Hour Classes in Washington State: Getting Started

Instructor Development Workshop

I’m writing this post because I am often asked how to get started teaching Realtor clock hour classes.  There are a million ways to answer this question.  Do you want to know what the state requirements are? I can easily point you in the direction of Washington State’s required forms but the form won’t tell you how […]

National Coming Out Day; We’ve come a long way in real estate and lending

October 11th is National Coming Out Day.  As an educator in the real estate and mortgage lending sector, I enjoy hearing

It’s time for a ban on all third party short sale negotiators.

Not a day goes by that I do not hear a story from a Realtor, loan originator or consumer about a questionable if downrig

Are the “Cash Call” Radio Ads Advertising a 10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Bait and Switch?

I listen to 97.3FM and am a longtime listener of Dave, Luke, Dori (accidentally listening since 1995), Ron, Don, John, @

Tips for Seattle International Film Festival First Time Attendees

I’ve been attending the Seattle International Film Festival for several years and was introduced to the event by two of

New Green Realtor Designation Hopes to Attract Eco Conscious Customers

There’s a new designation available for real estate agents called “Earth Eco Bro

Loan Originators Who Argue That Predatory Lending was Bad Should Welcome the New FRB Rule on LO Compensation Prohibitions


Under the final Federal Reserve Board’s loan originator (LO) compensation rule, effective April 1, 2011, an LO may not r

Loan Originator, Mortgage Broker, and Consumer Loan License Numbers for Jan 2011

If anyone is curious to see the number of licensed loan originators, mortgage brokers, and consumer loan companies now t

New Predatory Scam: Mortgage Litigation Services

halo 3 plasma pistol

The subprime lending industry barfed out hundreds if not thousands of loan originators in 2008 who had a taste of the si

Loan Originator Feels Entitled to Overage and Asks for Jillayne’s Advice

This is a good representation of the emails and blog comments I receive daily over at the NAMF website on the topic of l