Where Should I Live?

141st House

Not every client asks me where they SHOULD live. But the question comes up from time to time, and often from family memb

Gorgeous Day in Seattle

Fabulous Photo taken by my friend Linda Aaron – so nice of her to share it with me – and I share it with you. Just Awes

Warning: School Rankings Just Went Whacko!

Many parents or “to be” parents use School Rankings as part of their Home Search Process, and I generally support that w

Should you buy a New home or an Old one?

Lots of people want a NEW Construction home, the same way they want a new car vs a used car. However starting the home b

Seattle Area – How to Choose a “Best Place To Live”

Everyone wants to live in “the best place”, but how does one determine which is the best place for them…that also fits

Home Prices in West Seattle – #justsayin

Viaduct to lose one lane each way in Sodo starting May 16th.

“The May 16 lane closures mark the start of a long-dread

Curbed and Eater come to Seattle

Today I excitedly Welcome Curbed and Eater to Seattle.

Curbed.com and Eater.com are well known for their fast and fu

Home Prices Recover in Kirkland 98033

Many around the Country are asking what a Home Price “Recovery” will look like and what will create it. If you have been

Urban Gardening…The Seattle Way

Urban Gardening in the City of Seattle has gotten VERY creative. I’m not sure this is legal…but regardless, I think it

Great Cause, Seattle Seahawks Ticket Drawing, Us in our Pajamas!!!

Hopefully you’re following along with our 365 Things to do in Seattle WA…but in case you haven’t heard about it yet we wanted to pass along our day 41 to you.  We are involved in a wonderful event raising money for local foster kids and the event is scheduled for this Sunday at Kirkland’s Tech […]