The House Votes YES on the Revised Bailout Bill

Watch live on CNBC here.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressing the House.
Voting on the AMDENDMENT now taking place.

So far:
263 Yea
171 Nay
218 needed

Update: Here’s the roll call.
Here’s how Washington State’s Representatives voted (district map)
Hat tip SeattleBubble:


  • District 2 – Rick Larsen (D)
  • District 3 – Brian Baird (D)
  • District 6 – Norm Dicks (D)
  • District 9 – Adam Smith (D)


  • District 1 – Jay Inslee (D)
  • District 4 – Doc Hastings (R)
  • District 5 – Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)
  • District 7 – Jim McDermott (D) (voted YES first time around)
  • District 8 – Dave Reichert (R)

CNBC reporting rumor that Fed will do an emergency 50 bps cut after the bill passes …hat tip CR

Will the bailout bill do what it’s suppose to do: help “stabilize the economy?” Perhaps the markets have been rescued…for now.

Senate Votes YES on the Bailout

Watching the Senate testimony and voting on the Bailout Bill via C-Span.  I hear that Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray are coming out against the bill from statements posted on their website. Hat tip perfectfire at SB.

Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid is making a speech pleading for passage.

So far the Ayes are adding up very fast.
Cantwell votes NO.
Murray votes YES.

McCain: YES
Obama: YES

Yes: 74
No: 25

Now the bill will go back to the House.