Miss Independent

[photopress:Kelly_Clarkson.jpg,thumb,alignright]As you know, I’ve been pondering my own blog situation lately. After careful consideration, I decided to start my own blog and I decided to host it myself. Also, I decided against using WordPress and I picked SubText instead. I probably wouldn’t recommend this route for most Rain City Guide readers, but then again, I’m Miss independent. Miss self-sufficient. And ooh, I fell in love.

At any rate, I’ve created my first blog posting, I’ve added links to my sidebar, and I’m tweaking my theme (although folks in the ASP.net / Subtext land, call them skins), but it’s probably only 70% there. Still, I’m looking forward to what I’ll do. I suspect my blog will be geeky, so if you’re into that kind of thing, by all means visit. And if you’re not, add my blog’s RSS feed to your reader and stay in touch. In case your curious, why I picked SubText, here’s my tale of the tape.


  • Managing multiple blogs seems easier than WordPress
  • FCK Editor that SubText uses is better than the HTML editor WordPress ships with
  • I liked image uploading handling better than WordPress
  • Can use the AylarSolutions plug-in for source code syntax coloring (very important if you are a blogging Software Engineer)
  • Doesn’t require PHP or MySQL, so SubText will use my server’s resources more efficiently than WordPress would (very important if you host paying customer’s IDX / MLS search web sites).
  • Open source / BSD License (better than GPL, not quite as good as WTFPL)
  • Source code is in a language I love & platform I know (C# / ASP.net / Windows Server)
  • Cool code names like ‚ÄúPoseidon