Is it possible we are at the bottom?

***Updated/Revised 4:30pm 02/08/2009 PST:  Here is the link to the “Memorandum” (.pdf document) showing how this mortgage broker, in his own words, fraudulently originated millions in loans and how the fallout will plague our economy.  Big thanks goes to blogger “Scotsman” for the getting the document to me.


This is how is it possible………..we may not be at the bottom.

Ardell, I share your hope.   My hope for change is that real estate and lending industry comes to grips with how out of control the core players were that led us to the crisis we are in.   If we all point incriminating fingers to other people in our industry from escrow people to mortgage brokers to agents to Wall Street, pretty soon there’s nobody else to point to.  It circles back to all the players who participated.  Too simple of an explanation of a complex problem?  Maybe.  But, it’s fix has got to start with people in the trenches who are transacting the sales and arranging the financing.

But my hope and Country fight an uphill battle because of people such as Christopher Warren, the mortgage fraudster who wrote the above missive, “how is it possible”. Christopher Warren skipped out of the country on a private plane this past Monday.

See his incredibly clear picture of what is facing our markets by his “memorandum.” (.pdf document).

If one man’s expose of what went on in lending by one person does not make you pale, then I don’t know what will.

An excerpt from Christopher Warren’s  “how it is possible:”

  • That CITI Mortgage didn’t catch correspondents Mortgage Bank of California and Bondcorp Realty Services over-financing over $30,000,000 in bad mortgages with cash-back purchases for straw buyer groups?   How many of these loans are already now owned by our government, tax-payer subsidized, FNMA and Freddie Mac?
  • That GMAC Mortgage LLC., bought over $3,000,000 in mortgages secured in the Orlando Academy Cay Club aka “The Greens