Date My House – Saturday on TLC

date my house 1Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Bob Guiney and Nadia Geller about the upcoming premier of “Date My House” airing this Saturday, April 5th at 8:30 p.m. on TLC.

Bachelor BobSome of you may remember Bob as “Bachelor Bob” who after not getting a rose from Trista on The Bachelorette, went on to star in the 4th episode of the 1st season of The Bachelor. I expect “Date My House” to be a fun watch.

I’m a little disappointed that the thrust of the show seems to come from the standpoint of helping poor, Desperate Sellers get someone to buy their house. Seems this was a great opportunity for the focus to turn more on buyers of homes being able to check out their future home more thoroughly. During the hot real estate market, too many people bought homes so quickly that they really didn’t have a chance to get to know the home they were buying. As consequence, we are starting to see some lawsuits popping up about the REALTOR Owner/Seller’s lack of disclosure about the Obscenity Screaming; Potato Throwing Neighbors, and buyer remorse suits blaming their agents for having paid too much for their home.

Instead the show appears to be built around a homeowner being so desperate to sell, that they are inviting people in for a longer “first date” to get to know the house better and “fall in love” with it. Did the buyers get to spend the night? Bob and I had a chuckle over the chances of the 12 buyers getting to sleep over by end of season filming being about the same as the odds of a guy getting to sleep over on a first date. A few did…but most didn’t.

As a buyer, would you appreciate an owner inviting you to hang out at their home for a long period of time? Would you appreciate the opportunity to have a party there for your friends to get their opinion? Have a sleepover? Spend a week maybe? Or would you view that as an act of desperation and say, I don’t want to buy a house where the owner is that desperate. Does a car salesman offer you a test drive in the hope you won’t want to get out from behind the wheel and back into your beat up Chevy? Would you be afraid to spend the night at a home for sale for fear that going back home afterward would be such a let down, that you would be tempted to buy the house?

Maybe you want to see the show first. But let us know. Do you see dating a house as a viable option for buyers and sellers in the future?