Disk Space vs. Memory – Laptop

[photopress:pho.gif,full,alignright]I’m Pulling My Hair Out over LOW DISK SPACE!!! I need your help!!

Given the volume of emails I get with huge contract attachments, I keep getting “low disk space warnings”. I’m cleaning, I’m defragging, I’m erasing stuff I really don’t want to erase. STILL GETTING “low disk space” warnings and sometimes freeze ups.

I was going to get “more memory”, but was told that won’t help. Memory and disk space not the same.

I was told to get a memory stick to store things in, but I don’t get that. Once I put the memory stick in the laptop to work on whatever is in the stick, won’t I have the same problem?

Will deleting big Publisher files help? Word files? I’m at my wits end.

One thing I do know, if I go out and trade up to more memory and I STILL have disk space problems because more memory is not the answer, I’m going to shoot myself!

Your help appreciated. When I get five different answers I don’t know what to do. But maybe if you guys sort through all the answers, I’ll get a concensus opinion at the end.