Ruin Sity Gaide

I love this comment posted by David Losh over on Seattle Bubble.  I decided to give it it’s own post before it faded away into oblivion. 🙂

“If you do come to the internet for information about a home purchase or sale you are in the wrong place. This site (Seattle Bubble)  has excellent financial crisis dialog, but is very short on Real Estate information. It does provide much more information than a Ruin Sity Gaide, but still this is just entertainment.  The internet Real Estate sales business model is a very long way off if it will ever be viable. radfun hired the sales person to push the Real Estate sales agenda on line. Sellers with problems flock to the online Real Estate sites along with the week end warrior home shoppers. It’s a mish mash of confusion that radfun happily collects fees for. In time it will be obvious this was just a continuation of a problem rather than a solution. Be very careful of what you think you will learn about Real Estate online. These are sales people looking to collect your money for doing nothing, that’s the business model.”