Help! My Laptop is quitting on me.

I think my Toshiba Satellite laptop finally bit the dust.  I seem to have one of [photopress:iStock_000001883855XSmall.jpg,thumb,alignright] the few models that DO NOT have the battery being recalled.  Yet it’s one hot mama.   This morning it has shut down three times (before I can even read an email).   I simply cannot function in the mortgage world without my lap top.  So off the the lap-top market I go!

My needs are quite basic.  We use Encompass for our Loan Operating System (LOS) and therefore, I believe I need Windows XP (not Vista).  Of course it needs to support my blogging efforts and I’m toying with getting a built in camera.  I really have enjoyed watching how Morgan has evolved his blog: Blown Mortgage.  Although I’m pretty sure he’s using something more sophisticated than a built in camera for his video-documentaries.   I’d like the screen to be large enough for me to read without having to pull out my glasses yet have the computer light enough for me to carry without having to wheel it around.  Last, my Toshiba had built in software that seemed to fight with everything, like my iTunes and my backup hard drive.  I think I’m leaning towards an HP brand.

What ever it is, I need it now.   Any ideas?  Do you have a Lap Top that you’re in love with? 

I’m taking my laptop to Best Buy (where I bought it about three years ago) to see if the Geek Squad can breathe some life back into it.   I was hoping to stall this purchase until Encompass (and Mortgage Master) is Vista compatable.   

I’m writing this post from our “house” desk top which I swear has gerbals running on a habi-trail inside of the CPU!  🙂