I Opened Pandora's Box of Spam

Pandora's Box of Spam Emails

Mac clearly has the best commercials on TV these days.  I love most of them and while I don’t like Apple Computers, I can’t help but be enticed by the Mac Commercials.  Those Ad guys should be making a mint, and deservedly so!

How can you not love the commercial for MacBook Air where they slip the laptop into an interoffice envelope?  OMG!  It makes you want one in the worst way.  At least until I remember that I can’t work on the thing because I use almost all Microsoft Software products in real estate and the mls doesn’t function well on a Mac.

I was working in something, when all of a sudden a FREE MacBook Air popup danced across my screen somehow.  And as much as I hate to admit this…I couldn’t help myself.  The commercial from the TV popped into my brain and triggered that “I have to have it” subliminal message along with the fact that is was totally FREE…and I entered into The Land of Continuous Offers, following the never ending “to get your free MacBook Air pick 2 of these offers…then 3 of these…then how but this…then before you leave…then and then” and I got sucked into the black hole of offers with no further mention of my FREE MacBook Air 🙁

Oh, I just remembered how I got sucked in.  I was making sure my spelling of Il Salvatore was correct, and went to one of these free transalation sites where I saw the FREE MacBook Air. 

Well I got through it and ordered two things that I kind of needed that were almost free 🙂 knowing that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t get that FREE MacBook Air (though I still daydream that the mailman is going to be delivering it any second.)

What I forgot to do was use an email address that I never use!  It’s been so long since I’ve had to do this that I just plum forgot.  Now I have to visit my junkmailbox every hour or so because…I opened Pandora’s Box of Neverend Spam Emails!Still…if I do get the FREE MacBook Air…it will have been worth it.  What are the odds?  Why would Mac allow these sites to use their product to drag people into a scam?  I would think a company like Apple would protect their reputation better than that, given the amount of money they spend on their ads.

If anyone out there has gone down the Free MacBook Air rabbit hole and actually received a FREE MacBook Air, can you reach out and ease my pain please?  Thanks!