Should Loan Originators Retract Preapproval Letters?

Someone interested in buying a home interviews a couple of Loan Originators and selects one to become preapproved with. The Loan Originator meets with the buyers and takes a complete loan application, reviews their credit and obtains all of their documentation. The LO provides the buyers with all of the possible mortgage scenarios and they select which program is best suited for their financial goals. The LO then submits that loan scenario to their processor and/or underwriter for loan approval. (With our current market, I am submitting all supporting documentation to the underwriter to sign off on before issuing a preapproval. Before August, I would review the findings with the borrower’s supporting documentation and a majority of the time, I would issue the preapproval letter without underwriter review. I’m not taking any chances).

The Buyers are very excited and write an offer on a home with a real estate agent that the LO has not worked with before. The real estate agent uses the LO’s preapproval letter when submitting the offer to the Listing Agent and Sellers. The offer is accepted.

A few days later, the Buyer emails the Loan Originator and says, “Gee thanks…we’ve decided to go with the real estate agent’s preferred loan officer