It's Stormy out there, but we are having fun!

OK, so it’s stormy and gloomy outside and there are blogger civility issues going on. The stock market gloomy today? Oh yea, that too. But,we are having fun! What are you doing around the office to keep things bright and morale high?

We’ll, someone had a birthday at our office and her Elvis memorabilia continues to grow at her desk and Pumpkin season is here! I love the Fall. My wife dislikes it and hates my favorite saying this time of year: “it’s great Soccer weather!”



The funny thing about this cardboard Elvis is that it has a sensor so that when someone walks by, Elvis talks! Elvis appears to also be light sensitive. When we turn off the lights after work, he said, “hi, good to talk to you.” Can’t wait till the night cleaning crew comes and turns on the lights. They will be in for a treat!