RCG Intermission to bring you ……

…..2″ of snow and rising in Snohomish County. Ummm, isn’t it April 18th, 2008, not mid February? Stevens Pass ski area closed a wee bit too early! If you can make it to our place, the hot chocolate is brewing, the fireplace is on and the kids are heading out to play and we have NO last minute escrow signings tonight! Yeah!

april snow2

Chrome and Teak are thinking….”you have got to be kidding us!”

Snow is Seattle's Kryptonite

And it snowed a couple of inches last night. It’s the not-quite yearly snow that sticks around through the morning, wreaking havoc on the commute and closes schools.

It’s also the day when people with SUVs spin out because they don’t realize that four wheel drive doesn’t actually help you stop any sooner. Tomorrow, the conversation at many work places will turn to “why people in Seattle can’t drive in the snow,” a conversation that always omits our hilly terrain and slushy snow.

My recommendation to new Seattle residents: live on Capitol Hill or in Queen Anne. The slight increase in elevation from sea level means more snow and the steep streets are impassable when we get a half inch, so can play hooky and enjoy the snow days guilt-free.