Which St. Joseph statue?

[photopress:st_joseph.jpg,thumb,alignright]A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by one of the producers of The Story with Dick Gordon to do a radio show on the practice of burying St. Joseph statues. The call came to me as a result of a brief interview and quote of mine in The Wall Street Journal. You may have seen it in The Seattle Times when they picked it up and ran it on more than half of the of the Real Estate section’s front page. I’ve even seen articles complaining that WSJ’s original article was the most emailed link, over and above many more “important” articles.

I’m not going to rehash the story of whether or not you should. The link to the radio program gives my general feelings on that issue. This post is to help with the confusion of which statue one should use. You will notice that the photos in The Wall Street Journal’s piece show two completely different St. Joseph statues. The first one is more like the one on the left. The image further down in the article is like the one on the right.

Can you order St. Joseph Online?  Or do you have to make the trek to Kaufer’s at 9th and Harrison and get the statue shown on the left, sold separately in the box on the lowest shelf, and not the version sold in the kits?

I recently accompanied an agent to Kaufer’s who needed two statues for two homes and advised her to buy one of each. St. Joseph is one of the saints who has more than one cause for intercession. He is the Patron Saint of Families and he is the Patron Saint of Workers. For those with a more curious interest here is a list of the Patron Saints of various endeavors and maladies.

So if the Father of the family has been relocated and his concern is for the separation of his family, then the statue of St. Joseph holding Jesus may be more appropriate than the one sold in the kit. If the family is in distress as a result of the home sale or purchase, then St. Joseph as Father of Jesus shown on the left is the statue to use. If you are an agent who wants to sell the house as a result of your hard work and efforts, then you would use the statue on the right. This is the one sold in the kits and the one an agent would use most of the time.

For flippers who have done everything well and right within their power to improve the home, and have been reasonable in your sale price expectations, well then possibly St. Joseph on the right will do the trick. But if you have piled up the carrying costs to the point where selling anywhere near the price needed to make you whole is even remotely possible, you may want the statue sold just to the left of St. Joseph on that bottom shelf at Kaufer’s. It is the Statue of St. Jude. The Patron Saint of Lost Causes.