Tales From the Dark Side #1

[Editor’s Note: As a long time member of the Rain City Guide community, Ray Pepper has offered to share stories with us about his on-the-ground experience working as a real estate broker with $500 Realty. We’re calling these “Tales from the Dark Side” and today, I’m please to hit publish on the first edition of this series. Please give a warm welcome to Ray Pepper as the latest contributor to Rain City Guide!]

walking home in the darkIn an attempt to educate the public and fellow agents of the NWMLS I offer an incident dated Sept 2008.

Client Sam and Tim have been Pre-Approved clients looking for a home in Des Moines with a current Buyers Agency agreement on file.  They attend Open Houses and call me for showings every month or so.  They have been educated on how to advise all fellow agents they are working with an Agent.

Sam found a home driving around and called me from her cell at the vacant residence.  It was a Sunday at 4pm and I got the message about 8pm.  The voice mail indicated she called the Agent on the sign, to inquire on the price,  and as it turned out the agent lived across the street.

As the story unfolds the Agent spent 2.5 hours with our client talking about the home, the history of it,  and the wonderful community she has lived in for decades. 

I receive a phone call to write an offer on the property Sunday night.   I asked my client how they got inside.   She stated the listing agent let me in.   I asked, ” Did you remind her you were working with an agent?”    She said absolutely!

An offer was written around midnight and was promptly sent Monday morning.

The next phone call I received was one that has been repeated before  but this time much harsher then I have ever heard.   It reminded me of my old female Drill Sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood.  ” Listen here Pepper!”  “I’m a million dollar producer!”  “I’ve seen the likes of you come and go!”  “My time is very valuable!”  “Don’t speak until I have finished what I’m saying!”  “Your clients lied to me!” ” We have a wonderful community here and I don’t think dishonesty is a good fit for our community!”  “I’m not here to do your work for you!”

I’m new here to RCG and I believe none of you know me personally.  Those who do will attest that there is nobody more sincere, honest, and willing to take any and all slanderous language.  I have listened to it for years at the Seattle/Tacoma Home Show  and Puyallup Fair.   I took it all in as usual.   I attempt to never laugh but always educate based on the rules set forth by the NWMLS and the State. 

I immediately contacted my clients and told them about the incident and how I had to remove myself from this transaction.   My clients stated to me SHE is the liar and the agent “offered” to just walk across the street and show her listing to them.   As it turns out while I was on the phone with my clients the listing agent called back for Round 2 of screaming and I continued to listen.   I must confess that at times I find this very therapeutic and relaxing.   I was threatened to be turned into the NWMLS, the State, and  her Broker.  I strongly encouraged her to do so. 

We all know how this story ends.  The Buyer wanted the home.  The Seller wanted it sold.  The buyers walked because they did not want to have this agent as their neighbor. 

It is my opinion the only one who ever loses from this type of behavior is the one who will never know it happened.   At last look the house still remains on the market today, this time with a new agent.  

Our clients closed on their new home in April 2009.

[photo source: Sir Mervs]