Savvy Homebuyer saves 83% using Trulia Voices

truliaHomebuyer saves 83% on his Buyer Agent fee by using Trulia Voices.

Around noon on Sunday a homebuyer named “Patrick” posted this question on Trulia Voices:

Need a buyer’s agent

Both Buyer and Seller
Seattle, WA

I plan on making a $1M offer on a home in Queen Anne. I found the property myself. Was shown the home by the listing agent. She does not have a claim for procuring cause, as I told her I was working with an agent when she showed me the property. I am looking for an agent to write up my offer and take the transaction through closing. The offer will be cash, with only the standard inspection contingency. At closing, you will refund the entire 3% co-broker fee to me minus a flat fee of $5K. We will be asking for closing within 2 weeks.

The question caused “quite the stir”, with 137 comments as of this moment.

Just “a moment ago”, Patrick posted this result of his inquiry and endeavor:

I see my post has caused quite the stir. If any of you must know, my inquiry here, and through other channels, has lead me to interview many agents and hire one who was more than happy to accept my offer. We have put our first offer together and received out first counter. I expect to reach mutual acceptance within the week.

For those of you who question if this is real, why I don’t use an attorney, if I’m trying to scam you, if I have the cash, etc… I really don’t care what you think. All I know is that in a few weeks, I will have closed on a property, saved tens of thousands of dollars, my agent will have made $5k, and we’ll both be celebrating at Canlis with our wives. And those of you still holding out for your 3% because you’re “worth it”, will still be sitting in front of your computers typing bad things about us.

And for those of you who continue to tell us buyers that “you don’t pay the commission” and “commissions are not negotiable,” this thread alone has proven otherwise. Most agents get it, some still do not, and may never. But again, I really don’t care. Goodnight to you all.

For anyone wondering what “The Future of Real Estate” is going to look like, this just might be a peek into the future. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great time to be a participant in the changes afoot for consumers in the real estate arena.

Recommendations for a “good” Home Inspector

inspectorTrulia Voices is an excellent place to ask questions and also a good place for buyers and sellers to read other people’s questions and answers. Zillow has a similar feature, but I am not as familiar with theirs.

Today a Home Buyer in Seattle asked:

Does anyone have recommendation on a good home inspector – competent, reasonable service fee in seattle area?

The answers will likely continue to come in for days, and they are already an excellent resource for anyone looking for inspectors that are highly recommended by those who use them most often. Save the link, as these answers tend to come in for days and weeks forward from the day the question is asked.

Feel free to add your choice of inspector, either on the Trulia Voices linked questions, or the comments here on the blog.