While waiting for the birds to sing

[Editor’s note: I am more than pleased to introduce, in fact I’m quite excited to introduce and welcome, Jerry Gropp, Residential AIA to the Rain City Guide family of writers. Jerry specializes in MCM, Mid Century Modern design, and has a passion for seeing these homes updated.  Jerry is a native of Seattle.  His own current home on Mercer Island which he updated, is an excellent example of how his talents mixed with his passion for what he does, meld into the best of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer in home style.  Jerry is a graduate of the University of Washington’s School of Architecture.  His talent combined with his passion, have quickly made me a huge fan of his, and I’m sure you will be a fan of his writings in short order.  Welcome Jerry!  I SO look forward to some passionate discussions with you about MCM vs….just about everything else the area has to offer.]

While waiting for the birds to sing, my wife Patty and I decided to take a break in Puebla, Mexico– one of the old/new “Colonial Cities” that we hadn’t visited.
puebla patiojpg

In all the years I’ve practiced custom residential architecure I’ve seen the same thing- nothing happening homewise until somewhat sunnier weather happens.

This year will be no different- pent-up demand combined with stimulus measures will probably get things going again- with this difference– no longer will just any old indifferently-designed “Craftsman” or “Bellevue Chateau”  be snapped-up.  Jumbo “ARM”s will not be available- all to the long-term health of the industry.