MGIC Tightens Underwriting Guidelines…Again

MGIC has released underwriting guidelines that will go into effect on new applications as of June 1st. Here is the PDF.  Didn’t MGIC just finish doing that in March? From Housing Wire:

For all markets — so-called restricted markets or otherwise — MGIC said it will essentially no longer provide MI for any Alt-A loan. The company also said that it will no longer allow cash-out refinances in any market, investment properties, multiple units, and option ARMs to be eligible for its mortgage insurance. The insurer also will require a minimum of 3 percent down on any eligible purchase transaction

and this:

Loans in the conforming jumbo range — in a non-restricted market — must have a minimum of 90 percent CLTV and a minimum FICO of 700 to qualify for MGIC underwriting; in restricted markets, the CLTV requirement is tightened to 85 percent. MGIC said it will not insure any loan above $650,000 in any market.

As I have been saying for many months now, underwriting guidelines will, and should, continue to tighten until defaults begin to slow down.