Style Trends – Should You Care?

Looking back at some photos of mine taken in my home when my children were small. Those were the days of colored carpeting, wallpaper, full wall brick fireplaces and large family gatherings.


We decorated this room in Waverly Prints, from the sofa to the drapes and the wallpaper. Coordinated fabrics from the same family of prints.

13464_441406822348_577012348_6288875_1887425_n (1)

My oldest daughter, Tina in the middle in the photo above, recently said on facebook after viewing these photos, “Thank you Mom for making such a wonderful ‘home’ for us!”

Are we TOO concerned these days about being all the same? Treating our “homes” like “assets” vs a unique environment for our families?


All too often when I look at homes with clients they all blend together into one repetitive theme of BORING, same…same…same.

waverly print

Waverly is still around…and you can get contemporary themes like the one above. But you are more likely to find that in a coffee shop than a home. A little sad really.

I’m not suggesting everyone should run out and buy wallpaper and dark blue carpet. ­čÖé

But being a bit BOLD and allowing your personality to shine through your home’s decor is long overdue.


It gets a bit dreary in Seattle, so in the photo above I blended splashes of color with the white overall brightness. If you are one of those people who complains a LOT about the lack of sun in Seattle. You might want to reconsider your choices of interior decor.

Do you have a bit of brightness when you come home each day? Or is your decor adding to the depressing grayness outside?



It’s a lot easier to be bold with paint colors…though I don’t suggest you be quite as bold as I am. Not too many people would have Grinch style CLAWS on their coffee table.

coffee table

Given most people are buying their homes today with the intention of ┬áliving in them for at least 7 to 10 years…maybe it’s time for “personalizing” your homes to make a comeback!

Make a nice “home” for your family. Make a Happy Home to come home too. Style trends are so One Size Fits All Neutral. ┬áReach inside for what YOU like when decorating your home vs what everyone else’s home looks like, or what the magazines say you SHOULD do.

Let’s go back to “Home Sweet Home”. What does your “home” say about you?