I am a Mortgage Dispenser

Over the past month, I’ve been combing through my database of my closed clients who have either adjustable rate or balloon mortgages.   I’m sending each and every [photopress:july55ad.jpg,full,alignright]one of them a letter reminding them of the terms of their mortgage.   Regardless of how much time I spend explaining how their mortgage program functions, as soon as someone has moved into their new home and they’re unpacking boxes—they’ve forgotten the fine details to the financing that made buying a home possible! 

The letters restate what is disclosed on the Federal Truth in Lending and their Note, including what their margin and caps are.    It also addresses when their first adjustment will take place and what the worse case rate and payment may be.   Worse case payments are currently not disclosed on the Truth in Lending.   

I began my mortgage career on April 1, 2000.   So far, 20% of my closed transactions have been adjustable or balloon mortgages and 3% of my total closed business would be classified as “subprime