Neighborhood round-up serves up with Salmon…

One tough salmon on Ballard Avenue ….and Salmon days over at Issaquah Undressed is wet for everyone!

Help with “personality” wanted at Ballard’s Nervous Nellie’s as “advertised” by At Large In Ballard , and Mid Beacon Hill waves “buy-buy” to the Boeing Store that will soon take off on it’s final flight.

West Seattle Blog and a trip to West Seattle Farmer’s Market.  Missing on Beach Drive Blog…the mysterious Sunset Bagpiper….

Broadway Seattle on Capitol Hill is soliciting for a “hip” and “fun” neighborhood name.  CHS on Capitol Hill proposes a “brilliant” new revenue generating scheme…umm, idea.  

Northwest Film Forum festivities over on Capitol Hill , and ABC’s Extreme Makeover works its magic for a Kirkland family over at Kirkland Weblog.

Controversy over at High Point Blog in the “Tale of Two Cities” and some political incorrectness brouhaha.

Week 41 over at Kirkland 52 highlights Fall’s fallen, and a yummy Fall treat…sippin’ spice returns on SammaMishmash.



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