Christmas Neighborhood Round-up….

….December began with snow flurries and we had a (brief) White Christmas too!

Holiday parking woes in Ballard at Large  and it’s a Blue Christmas on Alki on Beach Drive Blog  

On Capitol Hill The Northwest Film forum and Santa partying it up, Mid Beacon Hill and The Year in Review photo story part II. 

A different kind of man in a different kind of red suit on Capitol Hill Triangle , another Red Suit (Mayor Rosemarie Ives) in Redmond Nieghborhood Blog.

Give One Get One program is touched upon in Cosmo Seattle , and a Holiday gift idea from Broadway Seattle.  

Christmas lights in Week 50 in Kirkland 52 , and the Christmas Star returning (?) on Beacon Hill Lights.

Kirkland dogs are dreaming of a Dog Park in Kirkland Weblog , and Winter Solstice at Miller Park Neighborhood Association

Christmas in Issaquah in Issaquah Undressed , World Peace and the Scary Santa in SammaMishmash.

Dreaming of a White Christmas came true in West Seattle Blog , and my Seattle’s Urban Villages Christmas Lights tour….

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