Where are the coyotes in Seattle?

The answer: everywhere. An especially instructive mashup would be coyote sightings and missing cats (via Craigslist?). I saw one running in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and found a raccoon two doors down last night.

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  1. No coyotes yet but I’ve got a family of five raccoons that regularly traverse my back yard in Magnolia. Bought the place this year and was quite suprised the first time I met the “neighbors.” As the say, live and let live.

  2. I now live in Renton where there is a greenbelt across the cul-de-sac from us. Our neighbors see all manner of creatures – deer, bear, coyotes (they don’t let their cats out at all), possum, and raccoon. And this is in the close-in portion of Renton. I remember when I lived here 19 years ago seeing a family of deer walking down the street on Benson Hill.

  3. My 9 month old dog and I were walking today in Seward Park and we were literally followed by a Coyote. The Coyote picked up his pace and basically chased us out of the wooded area and onto a parking lot. The coyote was right behind us and seemed to have no fear of me or my dog. My dog was happy to survive the stalking! I was terrified. I have seen many Coyotes at Seward but they have never followed us.

  4. I was born and raised here, and have regularly seen coyotes, possums, raccoons in-City Seattle, it’s not ‘new’ to have the wildlife living with us. My sister is on Cougar Mtn on the Eastside, about 8 or 9 years ago, there was a baby bear cub in her neighbors backyard, they have a greenbelt behind their homes. More deer on the Eastside, but definitely deer in-City Seattle, especially in the wooded ravines. Lots of eagles everywhere. We had a beaver that lived in the wetlands next to our office building years ago in Kirkland.

    A coyote chasing you should be reported. PAWS or Animal Control could tell you the right official contact agency of who to call, although I suppose it would be Fish & Wildlife.

  5. I live in Madrona and about two years ago my ex-boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk and talk we went to the Madrona Park and across the street is a trail type thing with a bridge and a very small water stream. Anyway we walked 1 minute than I seen some glowing red eyes in the bushes and movement. I freaked out and ran while my ex stood there dumb-founded.

    P.S: One of my neighboor seen a Coyote a couple months ago while walking his dog.

  6. my neighbor has two cats which are allowed to roam about all day while she is at work. they come over to my yard and hang out with me. they are attached to me and vice versua i love those cats and i don’t want them to be snached i will tell my neighbor to keep them inside , but i will miss my sweet cuddley best friends any suggestions for what else to do?

  7. Just want to report that last month (Aug. 08) a friend’s Pomeranian dog was killed by a coyote in the Seward Park/Mt. Baker neighborhood. And just this morning, another friend’s cat was killed in the Capital Hill neigborhood. There have been lots of sightings of coyote’s in Capital Hill. It is very sad, I have an indoor/outdoor cat too and not sure what is the best thing to do. He loves being outside.

  8. A neighbor’s cat was killed near 25th and Helen St (Capitol Hill just above the Arboretum and north or Aloha). When we reviewed our security camera tape, we saw two coyotes at around 3:30 am two days ago. Keep your cats inside at night or early morning hours.

  9. Kat is right- with more coyotes around, felines need to be kept inside between dawn and dusk. The coyotes are only active at night. And the cats can still enjoy their outside time during daylight hours!

  10. Oops, meant to say cats should be kept inside between dusk and dawn! That’s when most cats are killed, whether by cars, coyotes, or other hazards.

  11. I have seen a coyote in Seward Park on the spine trial in the wooded area on top August 15th when I was running. I have been hearing for the last couple of years, but couldn’t believe it. Then on Labor day night one ran through our yard when I was watering our plants on Seward Park Ave S ran toward Pritchard Beach. Then this morning on Juneau and Seward Park I saw another coyote that ran across the street headed toward the park. They don’t scare me just keep your dogs on a leash when going walking through the park! Which is the law anyway.

  12. Seattlel, near 25th Ave E & Prospect. Three coyotes in a pack attacked a neighbors cat. They had to be chased away in order to retrieve the cat; unfortunately it died at the scene. This is the third incident (at least) in the immediate area. They seem to be getting more and more brazen.

  13. My friend and I saw a coyote in Ballard near NW 77th and 29th NW at about 6:30am on Wednesday. It was running fast along the sidewalk coming from Sunset Park, turned up 29th and we watched it cross NW 80th heading north.

  14. Just saw a coyote running down the alley between Prospect and Aloha, just south of volunteer park (around 12th). Is there a local wildlife agency that likes to keep track of these sightings?

    • I just saw one running down my street near Kubota Gardens…this is the 3rd time in the last six months I have seen them. First saw one near tukwila freeway, then two of them near bangor street in skyway, now tonight I see this one. He looked at me, stopped and then kept going.

  15. I just received a call from a neighbor about a coyote at one of my listings. I didn’t find any evidence of one, except for bird feathers from what seemingly was a rather large bird. Would a coyote be able to catch a bird?

  16. My wife and I saw a pair of (lovely, fluffed up, mildly wiley) coyotes up in the top part of Seward Park this morning around sunrise, as we went for a run. I have to confess that I’ve often been kind of miffed at dog owners who treat the interior of Seward Park as their own personal off-leash area (we have a real off-leash area about a mile due west of there), because of concerns that dogs running through there could be detrimental to the non-domesticated species living there, and it kind of tickles me that nature might bite back. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen so many bunnies in the park lately. What next? Peregrines picking off the park’s parrots?

  17. I believe I just saw one running north on 32nd NW at about NW 62nd in Ballard. I was walking my 80 lbs. lab mix but neither seemed much interested in the other. It was moving quickly north with a notable straight legged gait, very unlike a dog’s. There have been a number of cats gone missing in our neighborhood but there are also quite a few raccoons.

  18. There was a Coyote found sleeping in the bushes on my works campus a couple months ago. It was spotted and we pretty much watched it from our 3rd and 4th floor windows while it was hanging out in the bushes all day(waiting for animal control to arrive, not much work got done that day lol). The Coyote was huge (I estimate 60-70lbs). By the way, I work off Elliott ave in Seattle(west side/waterside) near the old Seattle P.I building. I also just moved from Capitol Hill (12th and madison) and there was a family of racoons that lived in the alley behind us. Amazing

  19. I lost my entire flock of chickens yesterday to what I believe to be a coyote in the Skyway neighborhood ( by Dimmit Middle school ) When I got home from work my backyard looked like a scene from the walking dead…carcasses every where. It was done during the day…and I dont see racoons doing that much damage

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