The Seattle area was sunny for a split second

… in January. It’s raining again.

The Educated Rate Shopper

There are basically three types of borrowers: 1) The “how much money do we need

Follow the Money…

Have you ever wondered where mortgage money comes from? Years ago, the money came from your local banker. If your credit was good, and the bank had the available funds, you had yourself a home loan, and you diligently made your monthly payment to that same bank. These days, the majority of all conforming home […]

Getting Ready for a Home Inspection

Having attended many, many home inspections, I would like to offer a few tips regarding getting ready for an inspection (sellers) and what to bring to an inspection (buyers). There are a few things that a seller should do to get ready for an inspection. One is to change your furnace filter. I like the […]

Trulia Lands in New York

I just got an email announcing that Trulia launched in New York! Congratulations Pete and Sami! I know that was pretty high on your list of ToDo items! Are you wondering what Trulia is? I wrote a post on their service when they launched in California. In general, they have one of the nicest interfaces […]

Contributing to Rain City Guide…

Several real estate agents (and one broker) approached me last week with an interest in contributing to Rain City Guide. Just about every one of them said they had noticed that Rain City Guide has a very high rankings on some key Google search terms, like Agent Recommendations (#1), Seattle Real Estate (#6), and real […]

DOJ-"opt-out" and a war with a "discounter"

A new Broker opens an office and has no listings yet. He goes to area brokers and asks if he can advertise their listings in his “window” to help get him started. Mostly they say yes. They are not trying to force out the competition and they are more than willing to help him. Now […]

DOJ suing NAR and the "opt out" clause

Galen: “As I understand it, the Justice Department is not challenging this sort of (NWMLS) setup.” The reason NWMLS is not affected by the DOJ suit is because the DOJ is suing NAR. Most mls systems are owned by NAR and State Boards of Realtors. Ours is one of the few in the country that […]

Walkable neighborhood: Capitol Hill

I’m going to vote for 15th Avenue, home of the Victrola, Seattle’s best bagels (at the creatively named Bagel Deli), mediocre or dive bars, and Seattle’s crummiest QFC as one of Seattle’s most walkable neighborhoods. Trader Joe’s and 2 organic food stores are within 8 blocks, Safeway is right across from Swedish Medical Center and, […]

Agents "Hoarding" mls info

Robbie: ” I can’t help but wonder if the MLS placed the same kinds of restrictions on printed property listings 30 years ago that they are trying to place on digital property listing today.” Yes, they did. MLS books had a huge WARNING on them “For mls members only”. Robbie: ” Surely those all free […]