Neighborhood Roundup: Seattle Uncovers a Funny Bone

Due to the success of last week’s neighborhood roundup, I thought I’d make another attempt…

After a confusing vote on the Viaduct replacement, the Need to Know Seattle Condos blog lets us know about the grassroots movement to replace the viaduct with condos… This type of mixed-use development is sure to please the folks at City Comforts (temporarily, known as Viaduct, the blog)…

[photopress:pizza_bike.jpg,thumb,alignright]The Capitol Hill Seattle folks are shocked to get fast (and dry) pizza delivery in Seattle. “Because the Pagliacci delivery guy refuses to purchase a fender for the rear tire of his bike (he claims the tips aren’t that good), our pizza not only takes a long time to get delivered, but the cardboard box arrives soaked whenever it rains! The fact that Palermo’s delivery guy uses a car is a big plus (even if it doesn’t please our social sensibilities!).” Do you think it would help the Pagliacci delivery guy to know that he could get free maintenance advice for his bike at the Garfield Community Center on Sunday afternoons?

Seth over at the Seattlest loves the rain. (He obviously doesn’t order pizza from Pagliacci very often).

A much more prominent Seth seems more than a little concerned that Ballard’s Archie McPhee is selling Cap’n Danger Stunt Monkey’s for kids. The photo says tells the story…

The West Seattle Blog lets us know about the “West Seattle Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk”. Seriously, here’s a link to the event

Others in West Seattle are looking to return a missing fowl.

Ballard Avenue uncovers this (I’m not sure how to describe it!) video from Finland. Thanks to the fact that my wife loves this video, I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit…

Today’s saddest news in the Seattle neighborhood blog scene… Rumor has it that the writers behind the Seattlest and Metroblogging Seattle decided it would be a fun April Fool’s prank if they switched blogs for a day. However, the joke backfired when readers couldn’t tell the difference…

And finally, this post just missed the entry time for the Carnival of the Cities that is going to be hosted by The Seattle Traveler(there’s a carnival for everything!) What a bummer!

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  1. Rumor has it that the writers behind the Seattlest and Metroblogging Seattle decided it would be a fun April Fool’s prank if they switched blogs for a day. However, the joke backfired when readers couldn’t tell the difference…

    Ha ha :) We can tell them apart but we spend too much time online. They are both equally inconsistent but Seattlest is funnier, Metroblogging, more sincere.

  2. J.

    I’m so glad you rolled with me… I figure there is only one day a year when I’m allowed to let the irony drip, so I couldn’t do a usual neighborhood roundup! :)

    Despite my bit of fun, I think both the Seattlest and Metroblogging do a great job covering the local scene! However, the inspiration for my comment was when I noticed that both have Flickr pools: Metroblogging,, Seattlest… and it made me think that there really is no post, tool or idea on one of the sites that would be inappropriate or unexpected on the other.

  3. HEY! There’s plenty of difference between us. I mean, they’re green, and we’re grey. See? Huge difference!

    (Actually, we really should try that next year and see if anyone does catch on at all. Most days I can’t tell the difference between us and Seattlest myself.)

  4. The one Seattle event I do not want to miss…again…this year, are the painted naked bicycle riders on Summer Solstice Day. Can someone give me a big clue on how long and where that event is?

  5. Could be on the longest day of the year? Hah! ;) The Fremont Fair is, I believe, what you’re looking for.

  6. That’s it, but where do the naked cyclers start and end? I’ve gone to Alki Beach for “the longest day of the year” to see the sunset at 10 p.m. or so. Where’s the best spot and time to catch the naked people on bicycles?

  7. I’ve never seen the Fremont Fair either…maybe we should all go together? ;)


  9. I was going to request photos… but I’m not sure I can trust the wisdom of a group of RCG contributors to keep the photos family-friendly… ;)

  10. I’m in (going with RCG)! Saturday, June 16 at noon. Ya know we’ll have to get there EARLY to get good seats!

  11. Dustin, If they can ride down the street without being arrested, how bad could it be to show them “as they are”? I think this naked bike thing is the COOLEST thing that Seattle does. Do the police just let them? No indecent exposure? It amazes me.

  12. Hey Rhonda…should we “get painted up” and ride? LOL

  13. Buy some stock in paint if I’m doing it! I don’t think I have the guts for that! :)

  14. Actually, we could probably do something very creative with rain drops!

  15. We could at least paint our faces, Rhonda.

  16. There’s a bunch of Rain Drop ideas on the About page!

    (at one point I was going to choose one of those graphics to become the RCG logo… Maybe I’ll still even do it some day! :) )

  17. I’m game for that. Do we have any RCG artist?

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