Yours truly will have a painting at Bumbershoot


I’m very honored to have been included in this years Seattle Bumbershoot.  I recently started painting earlier this year for a hobby. I had (have) no expectations where my paintings may take me – it’s all just for fun. What is especially fun is to be asked to participate in this year’s Bumbershoot festival at […]

Discrimination – “Love Letters” to Sellers


A Cautionary Tale that Multiple Offers can lead to Discrimination in Housing…somewhat inadvertently. I had a young couple ask me if they should submit a “love letter” to the owners of the home with their offer. I had not heard the letter called “a love letter” before, but it reminded me that I had used […]

Hope for Short Sales in 2013 – Congress is Working to Extend COD Income Tax Exemption


This is not legal advice.  For legal advice, consult an attorney, not a blog.  Furthermore, the post below addresses some BUT NOT ALL issues relating to foreclosure, short sale, etc., and the following analysis is cursory and not complete.  If you face a foreclosure or are considering some alternative, you should obtain legal advice. The Senate Finance Committee […]

2012 Real Estate Prices

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The basic Real Estate questions in 2012 have been: 1) Are prices UP or DOWN, going UP or DOWN…at bottom, in recovery, recovered? 2) Is Inventory low…will it get better…where is the shadow inventory? To answer these questions I am using data from the Lake Washington School District, as it represents a good mix of […]