Seattle Eastside Housing – Buy or Wait?

Seattle Eastside Housing – Buy or Wait? is a Google Query that directed someone from Bellevue over to my blog about ten

The Question Your Real Estate Agent Doesn’t Want You to Ask

What is the question you need to ask your Real Estate Agent…that no one ever asks? Will you help another of your buyer

Why there is no “LATE” in Real Estate

We all remember Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own” and that great line “There’s no CRYING in Baseball!” That doesn’t m

Why Agents Are Better than Lawyers

Craig’s written a few posts about Why Lawyers are better than Real Estate Agents. Seriously? Are you KIDDING me??? I u

Mortgage Rates – A “volatile” market this month

Interest rates have been very volatile in June. This Poll Post on Seattle Bubble and the chart below are a good reminder

Redmond – Home Prices UP 12% YOY?

Median Home Prices get pulled on a monthly YOY basis by some interesting influences. About a week ago I did a post on Ki

Why are so many Pending Sales failing?

There is a rumor that they are all failing because the buyer cannot finance the purchase. The reality is that is RARELY

Buying New Construction

One of the most notable minor difficulties when buying new construction, that is a piece of dirt at time of contract, is

Are sellers bound by “mls rules”?

An interesting question on Trulia today: Q for realtors in Seattle. We have a signed purchase & sale agreement on a

Seattle Area – How to Choose a “Best Place To Live”

Everyone wants to live in “the best place”, but how does one determine which is the best place for them…that also fits